Cruise Essentials

Cruise Essentials Packing Guide



  • passport

  • Personal ID

  • Credit Card & Cash

  • Excursion documents/confirmations

  • Excursion or beach bag (I like to bring a small backpack)

  • Download App for your cruiseline

  • Something safe/water proof - to hold your passport/wallet/money when you are off of the boat:


  • Undergraments

  • Socks

  • Bathing suits (2 or more is best)

  • A casual/pool/excursion outfit for each day (re-wear to save space)

  • A dinner outfit for each night, including 1-2 for “elegant nights”

  • Gym outfit(s)

  • Pajamas

  • One “warm & cozy” outfit (sitting outside at night can be chilly anytime of the year. Also some ships have an outdoor television for movie nights)


  • Comfortable Sneakers (for excursions)

  • Sandals (for the beach)

  • Dressy (for elegant night and dinners)

Cruise Specific Toiletries

  • Sunscreen!!

  • Bug Spray (apply after sunscreen)

  • Lotion

  • Aloe Gel

  • Ibuprofen (in case of sunburn, helps with pain)

  • Dramamine (if prone to motion sickness)

  • Contact lenses for water excursions

  • SPF chapstick

  • Hand sanitizer/antibacterial


  • Cell phone

  • Camera/GoPro

  • Chargers

  • Small outlet extension or multi usb port (usually only one outlet per stateroom):


  • Walkie Talkies

  • Or purchase an on board text & call (the prices have become much more reasonable)

  • Lanyard

  • Specialty drinks (alcohol or soda) these cost extra on board, but most cruise lines allow you to bring some in your carry on which can save you money. Check your cruise line for limits and specifications.

Excursion Specific

  • Hat

  • Sunglasses

  • A watch (if switching time zones, this helps to make sure you know what ship time is)

  • Snorkel Gear (you can also rent at most beaches, and most excursions come with this, but I like to at least bring my own mask and snorkel)

  • Water shoes

  • Water bottle

  • Baby Shampoo (can be used as de-fogger for mask)

Things You Do Not Need

  • A Beach Towel (Cruise lines provide beach towels in your room and at all the pool locations)


  • Remember to bring your passport off of the ship at each stop. You would need it to get home if you were not to make it back on the boat for some reason.

  • Each stateroom has a safe. Lock up valuables when you leave the ship.

  • Research and book excursions ahead of time. For a better deal and more authentic experience, don't book through your cruise line (just make sure you do your research).

  • For more tips and tricks, check out my blog post below:

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