Week 7: What makes you come alive? 

“Don’t ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive. And then go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive” – Howard Thurman

Sometimes I get bogged down by the idea that so many others have already done what I want to do. This very nearly kept me from starting this blog, and has also hindered my desire to be a dancer or yoga teacher at times. These fields can feel so saturated that you wonder what difference can you really make.

But the above quote is something that has rung so true for me. I was kind of feeling this way throughout the middle of teacher training – that there are so many yoga teachers, and so many that have been at it for so long – how was I suppose to make a difference, especially in the beginning?

These thoughts had been rattling toward the front of my mind for a day or two, when I found myself in a yoga class. I was taking this particular class (a fundamentals class) with the main purpose to observe the teacher and see how she approached this style of class – and somewhere in the middle, I just became overwhelmed by joy and the reminder that I love teaching. Suddenly that was enough, it didn’t matter how many yoga teachers there already were. What mattered was that I was passionate about this and that perusing this makes me come alive.

I also began to approach my teaching style with this mentality as well. As a teacher you have an amazing gift of making it your own, making it uniquely you. Yes, you pull from your teachers, education, and influences – but then you get to present it in your own way. As long as it is from a place of truth and knowledge, you have the freedom to create your own version, your own style. No one else has been on your journey. 

There is a lot of freedom and excitement in that idea. This also helps you realize that sure it’s been done before – but never the way you do it. 

So I encourage you to find your own unique way of doing whatever is you love, whatever it is that make you come alive. And it doesn’t matter how many before you have done something similar – if it’s something your passionate about and driven to do – the world needs it done by you!


Melissa SperberComment