Week 5 –  Venturing into New Territory

I had the opportunity to teach my first official yoga class last Thursday.  I anxiously awaited this class all week and went over my notes and plans (somewhat obsessively I’ll admit) whenever I had the time. I was nervous as 7pm approached, but as soon as I stepped onto my mat, I was at peace. I felt at home and in my element- and the rest flowed (yoga pun intended). 

It was a similar experience to how I feel on stage- moments before curtain the adrenaline is kicking and the mind buzzing with choreography notes – but as soon as I step on stage, there’s a comfort and a sense of belonging. 

As I sat on my mat and gazed out at those who joined me - I simply felt eager to share the gift of yoga with them, and it seemed that they felt that energy too. 


It was an exhilarating experience to feel this on my mat and it motivated me to start brainstorming new class structures and flows. I think this was the first time I realized how creative you get to be as a yoga teacher. 

It’s fairly well known that there is a large variety of yoga styles out there- but you run into a lot of the same poses if you take enough classes (especially among more beginner friendly classes). Sometimes I walk away from a class loving it/feeling great and other times not so much… and I am not sure if I ever realized before that those two classes could almost be identical in poses covered – but sequencing can make all the difference. Suddenly, yoga class just became a choreographic dance! And just like that, Melissa got hooked on teaching yoga! But it really is an interesting challenge to sequence together postures that anatomically flow, serve your students best, and balance a sense of freshness each week. 

Yoga is like this giant puzzle with an infinite amount of puzzle pieces, that as a teacher you get to choose from and piece together each class (if you’re not teaching something that is codified like Bikram or Ashtanga). That fact can be intimidating, but if you don’t let it – it means endless possibilities, and with endless possibilities, it’s probably pretty hard to get bored. 

If you want to join me, I’ll be teaching every Thursday at 7pm, experimenting with a new flow each week – I’d love to see you at the mat! 


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